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Bumble Event Poetry at Parties

When companies are looking for ways to treat their dedicated team members to something special or just trying to figure out something fun to do at a work event (that hasn’t been done a million times over) we can help. From intimate parties to large-scale corporate events, The Haiku Guys + Gals have created custom typewriter poetry for employees and employers alike.

Skip the traditional cocktail party entertainment and opt for something a little more personal with our party poets. Our knowledgeable poets love a good challenge when they sit down at their typewriters to create custom haiku. With a room full of experts on anything from designer furniture, to whiskey and self-driving cars, we’re ready to create some pretty unique poetry—and some pretty unique company party entertainment if we do say so ourselves.

At the end of a long day of conferences and meetings, team members want to let loose, and we don’t blame them! Treat them to a little time off from slideshows and profit margins with the satisfying click-clack of our typewriters and a break from their computer screens. Especially for larger corporate gatherings, The Haiku Guys + Gals’ services are just the thing to help get the party started.

After the first of the poems are made, everyone is excited to read others’ poems, to guess their topics, and to hear about the experiences. If it’s a topic that relates to their job, the poem can facilitate a great icebreaker; if the topic is more personal, the poem can start a conversation that leads to friendship or introductions to people employees wouldn’t normally interact with at the office.

Custom typewriter poetry is always a welcome surprise that creates lasting memories, camaraderie, and a lovely keepsake to hang up at your desk.

if for nothing else

cubicles are perfect for

hiding your treasure


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