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The Haiku Guys | The History of Haiku, Pt. III

The Haiku Guys | History Of Haiku, Pt. II

We recently started digging through to look back at where haiku came from. In a beautiful evolution, haiku actually descends from a long lineage of other Japanese poetic forms. And those even...

The Haiku Guys | History of Haiku, Pt. I

In our previous post, we started to explore haiku and scratched the surface of what such a small poem can contain. Not only do these poems pack a punch when it comes to its length to content...

The Haiku Guys | What Is Haiku Anyways?

When The Haiku Guys + Gals sit down at our typewriters for a special event to write on-the-spot haiku, we encounter this wide range of reactions. While some poetry aficionados guests immediately...