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DC Holiday poets

The Rothschild Associates held a fantastic celebration in the buzzing heart of Washington D.C. on Saturday, November 16. And The Haiku Guys & Gals were there, writing custom poems on our typewriters for guests who attended the event.

Toro Toro, a beautifully gracious venue, hosted the joyous and

 classy event held for some of the country's finest litigators. The lovely restaurant was managed by a finely tuned, friendly, and professional staff. The food and drink options were absolutely perfect, especially the empanadas and guacamole. The Haiku Guys were happy and honored to help provide entertainment alongside lip readers and tarot card readers. Our poets

Joyce and Cristoph represented the crew with their favorite typewriters and some new inspiration. Cristoph had even installed a shiny new ink ribbon specially for the event. The fresh ink was quickly put to use as the associates and their guests were delighted with the whole experience.

Lawyers surely read and write quite a lot for their work during the week, but rarely must they get time to slow down and soak in some poetry. Many of the associates seemed eager to get the holiday celebration started. No holiday can be complete without a bit of gratitude, and many of the attendees requested haikus that honored their families and their pets; love remains a topic that never gets old.

What a great way to start this 2019 holiday season! If you're still looking for a unique entertainment option for your holiday party, The Haiku Guys & Gals are a truly wonderful way to give your guests a gift they'll treasure for the rest of their lives.

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