The Haiku Guys | Hit Return ⏎ "Looking For Alaska" Premiere


Christopher & Christopher, a pair of our dashing haikumen, were honored by an evening trip to LA’s Central Library to write at the premiere of Hulu’s new series, Looking For Alaska. The crowd was abuzz. Show creators and execs were excited to see their hard work on the big screen, young newcomer stars from the cast mingled with adoring fans, and all were treated to haikus. Topics throughout the evening ranged from "obstinate family shih-tzus" to "famous last words."


One major highlight was when one of the Christophers got to dream up a haiku for star of the show and belle of the ball Kristine Froseth. One very cool person indeed, she told him that when life gets rough, she retreats to the high mountain fjords in her home country, Norway. Even if they're no Club Med. Here she is alongside co-star Charlie Plummer with her haiku: 
source of renewal
rocky, cold, full of jellies
so yes, I'm swimming


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