The Haiku Guys | Custom Poetry Makes For Unique Wedding Entertainment

Teresa May Photography © 2019

When it comes to romance, poets are kind of experts. And while there’s been quite a bit written about heartbreak since the beginning of mankind, nothing gets creative juices flowing like a good old-fashioned love story—or an excuse to bring the poems to the party.

And we get it, planning your wedding can be stressful. There’s a lot of things to consider: Where to order the cake from? Who’s going to rent the photo booth? Should you invite your cousin Jess when there’s an open bar?

Well, we can’t help with the flower arrangements or the cake taste testing, unfortunately, but when it comes to fun ideas for your wedding, we’ve got the whole “wedding entertainment thing” in the bag. No matter the season, size, or location of a wedding ceremony, The Haiku Guys + Gals love to join in on the celebration. From Malibu Mountain Wineries to a theater in Downtown Los Angeles, or a seaside wedding in San Francisco, our California poets travel all over the Golden State to type out love poems, 17 syllables at a time. What can we say? We like to think of ourselves as party poets.

We love to coordinate with the creative masterminds behind the scenes—the event planners, photographers, florists, caterers—to incorporate all of the special elements the couple may want to include. Some people prefer to include our typewriter poetry simply as a special party favor for their guests, with custom poem topics ranging from rodeos and cookies to babies and the importance of family. Others want us to entertain guests with live poetry, where we’ll whip up something special on the spot.

One incredibly fun way to incorporate the beauty of custom typewriter poetry is by making it as interactive as possible. While waiting for us to write their haiku, guests can be encouraged to type out their own personalized message to the newlyweds, offering congratulations, sentiments of love, and tidbits of wisdom. These notes are often added into a scrapbook or memory box as a special keepsake for the couple to look back on for years to come.

These typed treasures can also become a part of the decor. At one poetic wedding in CA, guests would pick a topic and tell us about their relationship with the lovebirds—how they met, what their favorite memories are, and when they knew their partner was The One. These poems were then collected and pinned to a trellis with flowers. Throughout the night, our poets typed away with guests, adding even more stories and blooms to the poetic garden.

Whether your wedding is in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or anywhere else on the West Coast, our California team of poets is ready to deliver custom haiku as a part of your special day. After all, what’s a love story without a few love letters?

Image courtesy of Teresa Marie Photography © 2019

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