A Haiku Is Worth...

Pictures are worth a thousand words, sure.  But we fit entire stories into seventeen syllables.  Calculating the amount of words a haiku is worth, then should be a fun process:
1 Picture = 1,000 Words
1 Story = 1 Picture ~ ∞ Pictures
1 Haiku = ≥ 1 Story
1 Haiku = anywhere from 1,000 - ∞ words
A well written haiku should summarize the story or feeling in such a way that it exists in its own mode of depiction.  There are stories, descriptions, pictures, and there are haiku.  Emotions and the ways they are tied to moments in our life is a limitless operation.  Some experiences last an entire lifetime, like relationships between friends or lovers.  Other moments are brief, like making eye contact with a stranger on the street or listening to a speech.  One of the most beautiful parts of human existence is our ability to be moved and inspired by happenings.
By the mathematics above, it's possible that we can neatly pack an entire infinity of emotionally tied happenings into seventeen syllables.  The massiveness of value which I'm attempting to describe here is incalculable. 
People tell us their deepest darkest secrets.  They tell us about life, love, death and everything that occurs between.  It would almost be unfair to the interaction to wholeheartedly attempt to define its meaning.  Everyone is different and applies value in their own way.  Overall, it's just nice to trade energy with strangers in a "meaningful" way, however whoever defines it.

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